Local Christmas Gifts for Your Outdoor Nut

How difficult it must have been to watch your less-disciplined friends and family succumb to the lure of Black Friday, as you awaited the local list of hot gifts for 2019. Thanks for your patience; the Gifting in Support of Homey Businesses Subcommittee of the Reecer Creek Rod, Gun, Working Dog & Outdoor Think Tank Benevolent Association acknowledges you.

Here are local – Kittitas County, Washington – stores, but the gifts suggested will be found most anywhere outdoor nuts gather.

Starting at the western stretch of our Kittitas valley, and up the hill a bit, is Three Forks Ammo & Reloading on the main drag in Cle Elum. There is a broad selection of gift ideas among the 12,000 items in the store, and you will be hard-pressed to find any store within 150 miles carrying more or better reloading equipment than Three Forks. In store are top of the line Forster and Dillon brand equipment and tools, and the popular Hornady Lock-n-Load Classic Reloading Kit ($275, with a 500 bullet rebate). Individual reloading classes are free, on demand. The store holds more bullets and live ammo in more calibers (plenty of .22) than ever, with deep discounts on case lots of handgun, .223, and other ammo. A big supply of muzzleloader and cap and ball pistol supplies and arms (no federal paperwork needed) are available for the holiday, along with pellet and BB guns, including the Daisy Red Riders. John and Chris have it or will find it. Check out or call 509-674-2295.

Toward the other end of the valley, Kittitas’ Sure Shot Guns & Pawn – once again voted the Best of the Best Gun Shops in the County – has a big selection of new and consigned firearms of all types. Dozens of stocking stuffers for all ages of outdoor nuts, including stripped lowers for DIY folks, utility knife tools and gift packs, suppressors, youth .22 rifles and Woodhouse Smoked Meat packages. A good supply of bulk .223 and 9mm ammo is specially priced, and targets range from clay pigeons to exploders designed for several calibers. Badland clothing and packs carry lifetime warranties. A variety of gun safes are available – always out the door with no sales tax. Todd and Melody and crew have an easy quick set up to handle background checks for purchasers of most firearms, and other restricted items. There is never a charge for special orders, which usually arrive in 2-5 days, and gift certificates are available for any amount. Your questions are always welcome at 509-968-4867 or

Nika Mihailov and his Kittitas County Trading Company crew on Main Street in Ellensburg have pulled together an excellent selection of shooting and outdoor gifts. Now is the time to pick up any semi-auto rifle (all calibers) before new rules come into effect. AR-style handguns, rifles and semi-auto shotguns are in good supply, along with a wide selection of ammo for all calibers. In store, you will also find good quality used outdoor gear, game cameras, and self-defense handguns (with needed concealed-carry accessories). Of course, the Trading Company is the only place in the region with a real selection of M-1 Garands and other military surplus items. Nika is still paying top dollar for gold and silver (check your old or broken jewelry) – a good way to start shopping with a pocket full of unexpected cash. If you are looking for something in particular, or have a question, call the crew at 509-925-1109.

Ellensburg Bi-Mart sporting goods pros Mike and Ron are determined to have what you need, with a big selection of gifts and stocking-stuffers you might not expect. This Christmas’ stocking stuffers include trigger locks, headlamps, keychain and “shot shell” flashlights, .22, BB, and pellet gun ammo, special winter outdoor socks, ice-grippers for shoes, and several name-brand knife sets. Under-the-tree gifts range from boy and girl .22 rifles to on-sale handguns, shotguns, and long guns for the bigger members of the family. Add in a number of smokers (and the supplies to go with them), that new Stinger Challenge airsoft pistol “dart board” game, a variety of men’s and women’s outdoor winter boots, and insulated under layers for outdoor time, and you will likely find what you need to get through the coming winter – inside or outside. 509-925-6971 will get you to one of the Bi-Mart sporting goods pros.

Fishing and/or hunting licenses? See Bi-Mart, Freddies, or (you will need username and password online). Any license will fit nicely under the tree.

Then there is that parent-kid – or whole-family – gift which will last through winter and beyond. The 2019-20 16-week Light Rifle Class League starts a week from tomorrow at the Valley Rifle and Pistol Club on 15th Avenue in Ellensburg. If you are unsure about joining, remember that a first time tryout can be free – the range folks will have a loaner .22, ammo, and coaching. If you decide this is for your gang, you pay one small fee for the entire household, then bring your own rifle (or there will still be a loaner handy) and ammo. The Club will supply regulation 10-bull NRA targets, a modern heated range facility, the direction of a qualified range master, and great league-long coaching. What better gift could you give your children and family? Learn the responsibility and discipline of safe shooting and firearm handling while enjoying week after week of the simple pleasure of putting holes in paper exactly where you want them. Mel Goudge at 509-925-4285 or Hal Mason at 509-962-3002 will help you get your household in the game.

One final thought for this episode: if one or another of the women in your family is receiving a handgun, make that holiday gift complete with a one-day safe shooting and handling class just for her (or them). Or maybe you just want her/them to learn safe handgun handling. In either case, contact certified instructor Marilyn Mason at 509-962-3002.

Buy in Paradise. You’ll find virtually everything your outdoor nut needs close at hand.

Joyful gifting and Merry Christmas…

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